I am formally educated through the University of Western Ontario’s “Piano Technology Program”. I enjoy caring for pianos and interacting with those who value them.  My experience as a technician has taught me to appreciate the subtle complexities of this unique instrument, and the varying needs of pianists and piano owners. I respect and value an honourable reputation and hold myself to a quality work standard. –Mike Ruttle



What Is Regulation?—A piano consists of thousands of moving parts. Over time, use and environmental conditions will cause these parts to shift. This may result in a sluggish or uneven feeling keyboard. Piano action regulation calibrates these parts to maintain your instruments optimum mechanical efficiency. A well-regulated piano is more responsive, expressive and reduces the risk of repetitive use injuries. When will a piano benefit from regulation?—New pianos receive a basic factory regulation. This is intended to be an initial adjustment. Many piano dealers will perform a floor ready regulation and/or voicing on their inventory. After some time being played in its new home, a piano will be ready for an in-home regulation – fine adjustment to suit your preferences and ensure uniform tone quality in the home environment. After five to ten years in regular use, it will again need regulation and/or voicing to even out wear and ensure uniform tone and responsiveness. Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation.

Tuning & Pitch Adjustment

Piano strings have harmonics that are out of tune, referred to as inharmonicity. As part of the process of spacing all 12 notes of an octave, a piano tuner makes minor adjustments to the spacing of each note within the octave. The graph below shows the difference between the equal-tempered scale and an actual piano tuning. Each tuning is unique and intended to make your piano sound its best. Tuning is recommended every six months for home pianos. Book Appointment



  • Action Regulation
  • Voicing
  • String Replacement
  • Keytop Replacement
  • Hammerhead Replacement
  • Hammershank, Flange, Knuckle Replacement
  • Wippen Replacement
  • Damper Felt Replacement
  • Restringing
  • Touch Weight Adjustment
  • Finish Repair
  • Pinblock Replacement
  • Carbon Fibre Actions
  • Wood Actions
  • Soundboard Refurbishment & Replacement
  • Plate Refurbishment
  • Contact us to book an in-home consultation.


All 12,000 parts of a piano degrade with time and use. Eventually it will require restoration or rebuilding. Let us assist you in taking your piano back to new condition. Everything from action refurbishment to complete disassembly and rebuilding of the case, action and hardware. Soundboards, pinblocks, plates, bridges and benches—we will refurbish, replace, replate or refinish as required. Trust us to renew your prized instrument for another generation of enjoyment and musical expression. To book an in-home consultation please use the form below.


    • Storage, Importation and Worldwide Transport
    • Humidity Control – Piano Life Saver Systems
    • Player Systems – Electronic & Pneumatic
    • Music Cabinets – Standard & Custom Finishes
    • Piano Lamps – Standard & Custom Finishes
    • Custom Fit Piano Covers*
    • Custom Artist & Duet Piano Benches*
    • Custom Bench Cushions*
    • *Design fabrics & leathers, embroidery available
    • Standard Artist & Duet Piano Benches
    • Piano Stools
    • Caster Cups
    • Fallboard Locks & Soft-Close Kits
    • TouchRail – Adjustable Touch Weight
    • To receive a quote, please submit your request here.


Price List

Piano Tuning in Calgary: $150
Pitch Raising: $75
Piano Inspection: $150
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Regulation Services

Upright Piano Action Regulation: $400-700*
Grand Piano Action Regulation: $600-1000*
Piano Voicing: $400-700*
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Piano / Music Room Accessories

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Restoration Services

Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation.

Methods of Payment

Cash, Interac (Debit), VISA, MasterCard, American Express and their gift cards. Receive your receipt by email, text or on paper.

Travel Policy

Outside the Calgary area, return travel is billable at $0.50 per km from city limits. Split or share with a friend or neighbour.
The goal of this policy is to bring affordable piano service to smaller communities.
Piano Tuning across Alberta:
(877) 420-0252.
Piano Tuning in Calgary:
(403) 910-1495.
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