Piano Inspections

When purchasing a used piano, there are no guidelines for which models/makes are best. Since there is no “odometer” to tell us how much use a piano has had, or the conditions it has been kept in, a professional evaluation is necessary for comparison shopping. Therefore we offer a pre-purchase/pre-sale piano inspection service.

We will evaluate the pin tension (ability of the piano to hold a tune), the condition of the action, soundboard, frame and cabinet, while inspecting for damage. This will help you avoid any hidden problems which may be potentially costly down the road. We suggest you narrow your search down to 1-3 pianos and then decide based on the inspection results. To book a pre-purchase or pre-sale piano inspection, click or tap the link above to pay by credit card. Then, provide the seller’s contact information using the form below. We will contact you after the inspection with a report and an estimate on any work required.

Piano Appraisals
Fair Market Value vs. Replacement Value

Current fair market value is the amount someone might receive when selling their piano. It is also the amount most government tax agencies recognize as the tax deductible amount if the piano is donated to a charitable organization. Replacement value is the retail amount one might reasonably pay to purchase the piano from a dealer, gallery, music store, etc. It is also the amount for which one may want to insure a piano.

To book, please use the form below.

Factors Affecting a Piano’s Value


Condition of Soundboard
Condition of Plate
Condition of Pinblock
Condition of Action
Condition of Keytops
Condition of Pedals
Condition of Case
Condition of Finish

Furniture Value
Antique Value
Celebrity Value
Geographic Location
Economic Conditions

Restoration Work
Player System

Booking & Contact Form – Inspections & Appraisals

You should receive auto-confirmation of your message within an hour. If we do not respond within one day or if you would like assistance right away, please call us at (403) 910-1495, 8 AM to 8 PM daily. We look forward to providing you with prompt and professional piano service!

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    Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

    Laurel Martin
    Laurel Martin
    05:02 04 Jul 21
    He saved our 40 year old Baldwin from needing a full rebuilding. Our piano was always flat, even just a few weeks after a tuning. We decided to try Mike, he was able to use new pins to restore the... tension, and he installed a humidifier into the piano which helps the wood to stay moist. A+, 5 star rating!read more
    Arline Jones
    Arline Jones
    04:40 01 Jul 21
    Mike tuned our baby grand, and also did some work on the hammers to soften the tone. It sounds SO MUCH BETTER! He was also quite friendly and personable. We will have him back.
    David Ragsdale
    David Ragsdale
    14:11 17 Jun 21
    A neighbor recommended Ruttle to us. Our piano has not been tuned in years and being stuck at home we decided to get it tuned. In all it took 2 tunings over 2 months to get it fully up to pitch. Now... it sounds wonderful. We will be having them out again.read more
    Thiel Ruff
    Thiel Ruff
    13:50 07 Jun 21
    I was referred to Ruttle piano works by my teacher (I am a Royal Conservatory Associate Diploma Student). I’m really impressed by the quality of the tuning. Showed up on time, takes debit cards, very... convenient. Thx!read more
    Jamiya Eli
    Jamiya Eli
    16:49 11 May 21
    The level of customer service here is outstanding. I purchased a piano tuning as a gift for my daughter. Ruttle piano coordinated with my son-in-law to perform the tuning while she was out of the... house. We are all so happy with the result.read more
    Bud Moore
    Bud Moore
    03:34 24 Apr 21
    Mike did a great job tuning our Yamaha upright piano. He also replaced several keytops which our darling children had pried off a few years ago. Looks much better now.
    Auer Singletary
    Auer Singletary
    07:50 22 Apr 21
    Just wanted to say thanks to Mike at Ruttle piano works for getting my studio pianos into top condition. I highly recommend his services to teachers and students alike.
    Denise Geraldo
    Denise Geraldo
    05:56 14 Apr 21
    Ruttle piano tunes the piano at my building (Seniors Residence). Always prompt, polite and professional. They fixed the leg when it was loosened during a move between rooms, and set up the piano on a... heavy-duty dolly so it can be moved without straining the frame or built-in casters.read more
    Ann Lloyd
    Ann Lloyd
    21:30 01 Apr 21
    Mike did a great job and it's so wonderful to be playing a well tuned piano!
    Trisha “Trish” Thib
    Trisha “Trish” Thib
    02:45 09 Mar 21
    I can’t say enough nice things about the piano tuning service we received. Mike was clearly skilled & knowledgeable and spent way more time tuning our piano than I expected. We had a key that wasn’t... playing properly which he fixed quickly & then raised the pitch as it was very flat. It sounds nicer now than it has after any other tuning we had done. Plus he’s a super personable guy. I’ve had our piano tuned before & wasn’t sure what we paid for but this time I absolutely can tell the difference. Amazing!read more
    Peter Collins
    Peter Collins
    18:06 21 Feb 21
    We were in need of a new piano tuner, as our long time tuner had passed away. After a search of various piano services in Calgary, I settled on Ruttle Piano Works, both because of the useful... detailed information on their website and because our piano (an upright grand Heinzman over 100 years old) needs special care. I made the appointment on line, and Mike Ruttle came to our home, right on time. He is pleasant, very knowledgeable, did a fine job tuning (including a pitch raise), and gave me much useful information about care for our piano. I am most impressed with Ruttle Piano Works, and highly recommend Mike Ruttle. Ruttle Piano Works will definitely be our "go to" service for all our future piano care needs.read more
    Lucy Wang
    Lucy Wang
    21:55 15 Jan 21
    This place is very underrated. Mike was very experienced and professional. 2 hrs of labour later, our piano is finally sounding like it’s supposed to ☺️☺️ I would strongly recommend.
    Collin Merritt
    Collin Merritt
    20:47 19 Mar 20
    Mike at RPW has been servicing our piano for a few years how. He is excellent - prompt, professional, courteous and friendly. A real pleasure to have him in our home. We would not hesitate to... refer them at all.read more
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    Owner's Statement

    I am formally educated through the University of Western Ontario’s Piano Technology Program. I enjoy caring for pianos and interacting with those who value them.

    My experience as a technician has taught me to appreciate the subtle complexities of this unique instrument, and to understand the needs of pianists and piano owners. I respect and value an honourable reputation and hold myself to a quality work standard. We look forward to providing you with prompt and professional piano service. —Mike Ruttle